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Vex Ed

We are the youth. We are students today, and society tomorrow. We are Vex Ed.


Carrying Pencil

for us,

by us.


Illustrated Family
Crowd with Masks
Sad Girl

"Where does it go?"

"How will it feel?"

"What do I do?"

These questions surely brought a certain something into your mind, and if you're as curious as anyone else, there are bound to be so many more swimming around... questions, we mean.

Vex Ed is here to answer all those questions, and impart a bounty of knowledge on sensitive matters that most educational curriculums and textbooks do not address. We collaborate with experts to create programs to educate India, making it a more informed, inclusive, adaptive, and positive society. 

Through our initiatives on sexuality education, Vex Ed aims to create a safe space for conversation on "taboo" issues. We believe that an open dialogue is the only way to break the stereotypes and stigma that surround important subjects and bring to light several issues that the youth must be informed of. Encouraging conversation on these matters is imperative for building a better social ecosystem—one that welcomes all people and treats them with the equality and respect they deserve.

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